Search result ranking

Case: I put Henrik Ibsen in the simple search field, which produced 2225 results.
I found the sorting of the mixed result list (“All results”) somewhat peculiar.
Which sorting criteria are used ?
For example: The person Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) was ranked way down on the list, behind persons with names matching only one of the words in the query. Hence, the persons Aage Rolf Ibsen, Robert L. Ibsen and Henrik Cornell had a higher rank than Henrik Ibsen. How come?
I am also wondering whether there is an a priori ranking of types in the All results list. In this case, I see that original works with the title Henrik Ibsen come out on top.
Is it possible to tune this?

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Hi @oddrun absolutely. We have a ticket in the backlog for the ranking logic definition.
At this time I think it’s better to collect what people expect from the system.

I’ll write your example in that ticket.

Thanks for entering that

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Changing headline from “Result list sorting” to “Search result ranking” for clarity