Some Publication Place Facet show no results

I was browsing publications by Virginia Woolf and wanted to see the 23 items listed as being published in Leipzig, however, when I select the city I get 0 results. I asked in Twitter and BL Metadata suggested I should write an issue.
This also happens for “Germany”, and “Hamburg”, to mention a few. With Oslo, it is another strange case since the facet suggests there are 34 items but when selecting it, it shows 36 results.

Hi @silviaegt ,
thanks for reporting this.
I assume you have done your search on
Anyway, we will look into that with our IT team and @a.gazzarini and will adjust this as soon as possible.

thank you,

Hi again @silviaegt , I have tried to reproduce the error, and perhaps you were searching on Publications by Virginia Woolf · Share-VDE (BETA)?
You might know that SVDE handles several portals, not only but also other datasets that are rendered on different portal (such as; this means that the underlying dataset might differ.
So the more details you can provide for us to investigate the issue, the better.

thank you so much!

Hi @Anna_Lionetti thank you for looking at it, yes I was looking at Share-VDE (BETA) (I shared the link in my first post in the “when I select…” text).
But I didn’t know there was the portal! Thank you for pointing this out!
I did another try in this last portal (which does not show the German Cities) but I got a similar discrepancy between what the facet shows and how many items appear after the selection.
For instance, when I clicked on:

The facet showed there were 354 publications by Virginia Woolf published in London, but when I click on the facet (like in the link above) it only shows 230 results.

Hope this information is useful!

thanks @silviaegt and apologies that I overlooked the link to the SVDE portal that you did send in your first message!
However, it’s very useful to know that the behaviour of the system is the same across all portals (the portals share the same code, so it makes sense).

Thank you again for getting back to us!