404 error while trying to search (during UX testing)

Hi there,

we are getting a message “404 Not Found error has occurred. Please return to the previous page.” when trying to search. Our UX testing is happening during the week days – not sure if it was a known outage or unplanned?

Checked this morning, and still getting this error on some searching. Clearing the cache will fix for one search, but the next will get the error.

Hi @jimfhahn and @bethpc

I got feedback from @a.gazzarini that this was due

  • some misalignment related to the installation of the new back-end release
  • the Solr index infrastructure is being stressed up to the maximum resources available

But now it should be fixed, so you should not get 404 error any longer - although you might experience some slowliness in responses.
We are now loading data to Kubikat and Natbib tenants, but before doing that we have also released a new back-end version, so that’s why there are impacts also on SVDE.
Please let me know if you encounter other issues again.

@a.gazzarini @Anna_Lionetti I observed some 404 errors today (Wed., May 25) while looking at the system, here are the screen shots:

@jimfhahn I suspect that the system is going up and down due to the impact of the clustering and indexing processes going on in Kubikat and Natbib tenants. I’ve just made the same search and it worked (no 404 errors).
I’m not sure if my interpretation is correct, but that’s what I got from my IT colleagues. @a.gazzarini can correct me or give more details.

Hi again, it seems we have more sever errors today as well –

I’m wondering if the data loads could be scheduled for weekend times or somehow scheduled to load for non work hours if possible?

I’m getting the following error as well