Slowness on the interface

I was checking on a question that someone had and I am experiencing a lot of slowness on the site–Pages that don’t finish loading (just have the grey bars) .

Time: 3:00 EDT on 10/29/2021

After a while trying to load, I got this message " An unexpected error has occurred."

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Thanks for sharing this, @bethpc .

Let me bring it up with the frontend team and get back to you.

@bethpc, from what I can understand offhand, from the developers, the backend server was having issues when you were using it, causing issues with the interface. Across the frontend and backend development teams, we are working on various improvements to the setup to ensure this does not happen in the future, but it will be a while till we have those improvements set up (specifically, additional environments to be used for staging changes, to avoid the system being unavailable at the time of updates, etc.)

The above is my attempt at a non-technical paraphrase of the technical explanation I got from the developers. If you would like a technical explanation, please let me know and I can try to find the explanation given by the developers and send that over to you.

Thanks, this makes sense. Should I report if I encounter this in the future?

@bethpc , yes, please do report any problems you have in the future. That way we can test if there are other issues, or if it is caused by the same root issue as this one.