Ensure support for the Supplemental Multilingual Plane of the Unicode Standard

Hi, there is a need to ensure that script metadata from the SMP of the Unicode Standard such as ADLaM, Rohingya, Cuneiform, and others are adequately supported in the SHARE-VDE environment. I can provide test record data on request.

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Thanks for this feature idea, @Charles .

We already planning to support multiple non-latin scripts, but I want to make sure I understand what your idea is: Is this feature idea related to a specific set of non-latin scripts, or is the idea to support non-latin scripts in general?


— Filip

Hi Filip,

My request is with specific regard to the scripts shaded in blue or violet on the page found here:
Roadmap to the SMP,

inclusive of the most recent version of the Unicode Standard. Thank you!


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Thanks for the link, @Charles.

Let me talk to the developers about this it and get back to you.

The developers say we might have this covered by other features, but they need to look into it. Leaving this topic open and will add a reply once we figure out.