Character variants

The system doesn’t seem to make any distinction between characters like ö, o and ø.
Example: Searching for opuses which titles containing ‘forord’ (preface) seems to give the exact same result as ditto with ‘förord’ or even ‘førord’.
This is unfortunate, as e.g. ‘o’ and ‘ø’ are totally different characters in both Danish and Norwegian. But I suspect this is part of a more general problem ?

@oddrun I’ve turned this into a Jira story, see Log in with Atlassian account
I think that from now on SVDE members could start using Jira in these cases (as we also mentioned at the UX-UI meeting the other day).
Shall we make a try with this one and see how the process works?
Btw, I also intend to send out indications about this process based on what we discussed at the UX-UI meeting following Abigail’s reply to your question about issues reporting.