Role and language designators displayed in another language than selected in Options (#4538)

In options, I selected English as language.
Even so, all the role designators are rendered in Norwegian (or Danish?), like this:
Pride and prejudice |1813 | Novel | Jane Austen (forfatter); James Kinsley (annet)

The same goes for language designators in the Publications list, e.g.:
Persuasion (In Fransk, published in 1882.)

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Thanks for testing and for posting this bug, @oddrun !

Which page did you experience this on? ?

Yes, and language designators appear in the Publications tab from there.

Ok — we took a look at this and it seems to be a front end bug. It seems to be caused by the fact that the front end application requests those labels in the language of the browser instead of the language the user has chosen in the platform.

I have filed a bug for this with the developers and will mark this as done when it has been fixed.

Hi @oddrun,

Can you look at this page and tell me if it works on your machine? We tested on a Norwegian version of Firefox on MacOS and for us it now works — can you double check? (Please note that this link is not a stable one, so it is not very useful for testing anything other than this particular bug and may contain other issues — all other testing should be done on

Bug fix text link:

Hi there,

Yes , now I see the roles in English. However, Dansih doesn’t seem to be available, but that’s probably another issue:

  • Selected language=English or Danish: Roles are shown in English
  • Selected language=Italian: Roles are shown in Italian


@oddrun, ok — perfect.

Yes, the Danish language is currently not available for the role terms in the backend, so that is why they are not working.

Good that this particular issue is fixed — I will change the tag on this bug here on the forum from “to-do” to “done” once we publish this bug fix on the public platform.