Incremental visualization of entity lists - more flexibility wanted

It’s a small thing, but sometimes, when sifting through a large number of original works by an agent, or a large number of publications connected to an original work (Opus), I’d like to be able to use a larger increment than 10. (This is particularly the case during testing, which typically involves a lot of repetition: User actions are repeated and the same lists are scrolled several times. Having to click Show more 8-10 times to get to the interesting entity soon becomes tiresome)
Concretely, I’d wish the “Show more” button at the end of lists to be replaced by something like “Show (the next X entries) | (all)”, where X could be selected from a limited number of increments (e.g. 10, 50, 100)

Hi @oddrun as you said, a user that acts like that is likely a test user, and unfortunately loading 50 or 100 entities per request consumes a lot of resources on the server side.

As a compromise I propose the following: when you want to have a fast check-list you could select only the heading as displayed field.

In that case we should be able to load even 100 things at time in an efficient way. When you instead select additional columns to be displayed in the table, then things would be limited to a max of 10 results per page

Does it make sense?


Yes, this makes perfect sense. :slightly_smiling_face: