Subjects in Portal showing as Contributions (#4516)

Seeing something interesting in the Portal 2.0 - Looks like there is a mismatch between subject and attribution, with the 600 (maybe 610…) are being used as contributors rather than subjects. For instance, has a long list in Work and Publications by Marcus Aurelius that were definetely not by the Emporor of Rome. Case in point, Library publications of Marcus Aurelius and the later Stoics · Share-VDE (BETA) has Marcus Aurelius as a contributor, but he is the subject of the work - See the original record from Stanford , where this reference to the Emperor is coming from the 600 field (I presume). Seems like lots of cases of this which confuse the discovery interface. These should be separated into a third “subject of” type tab and guessing this is a work in progress?

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Thanks for testing and for reporting this, @BigelowIan :pray:

You are right that this is really confusing — and your suggestion to separate these out make a lot of sense, and is in fact what we are already planning to do.

Let me talk to the developers and figure out how we can fix this.

@BigelowIan, the data developers have informed me they found and fixed this issue. It is not yet live on the site — let me get back to you as soon as I know the timeline for seeing it on the platform.