Works about an agent listed in the "Original works by" list

Hi, I’ve noticed that works about a selected agent are often listed in the agent’s Original works by list. I’m not talking about autobiographical content, but works in which the only role of the agent in question is as a subject.
Example: Among the original works of Johan Bojer (, you’ll find an Opus with title Johan Bojer ( o6821647517699754) as no 105. This is a work by another agent, and in its single publication, Johan Bojer is only mentioned as a subject (Marc field 600).
Not sure if this is a front-end or a data processing issue. The opus description seems OK, except that Johan Bojer has been assigned the role “other”, which may be the reason why Johan Bojer is mentioned as contributor on the publication page. In my opinion, we must distinguish clearly between the agents’ role as subject and their role as some contributor to the work, to prevent that works about an agent be disguised as works by.

Hi, @oddrun thanks for entering this.
I’ve created a ticket in JIRA to investigate that.

As soon as we completed the double-check, I’ll put our findings here.