Usage of $b in tag 245 to cluster the Opus

  1. Opus and Work clustering follow up based on an example in Slack:

When the bibliographic records do not have the tag 240 (uniform title) the matching criteria for Opus is made using tag 245 $a.
So, this is the reason why your bibliographic records are grouped under the same opus “Tony Oursler”

ocn286500131 – $aTony Oursler :$bmirada pensante = thinking gaze
ocm58771118 – $aTony Oursler
ocm52377767 – $aTony Oursler
ocn732605042 – $aTony Oursler :$bopen obscura
ocm39930861 – $aTony Oursler :$bmy drawings 1976-1996
ocm42780454 – $aTony Oursler :$bintrojection, mid-career survey, 1976-1999
ocm40954302 – $aTony Oursler :$bvideotapes, dummies, drawings, photographs, viruses, light, heads, eyes, and CD-ROM

The matching criteria during Opus creation does not take into account values inside $b subfield of tag 245.

Thanks for your post, @tizianap!

I just want to make sure I understand what you are writing: You are saying that both 245$a and 245$b should be a part of the matching criteria for opus clusters?