New records added to national bibliographies tenant weekly summary

Users of the British National Bibliography use it to keep abreast of what is and will be published to help them plan their acquisitions. We have a dedicated web page where every week we make available the new records added to the BNB. The data can be downloaded in two formats: PDF and RDF/XML. Please see: New British National Bibliography records - The British Library. Those two different formats allow different types of users (non-techies, techies) to make use of the data.

Could we have a similar feature on the National Bibliographies portal? The BL’s current process is pretty manual; I am thinking of something more automatic. Like a pre-set search (a bit like the one currently available on the advanced page “try searching for people called Maria born in the 1950s”) - which would search for new publications added to the database in the previous 7 days with the search results available for download in a couple of formats?

Hi @corine, I find this suggestion very interesting: I think it deserves special attention, without putting it off excessively!