Display label for Tolkien from Wikidata

A question at the SMI demo about Tolkien’s place of birth and death showing in Finnish instead of English. Is it a glitch? Thank you.


@jshieh technically it’s a reconciliation error, but not one that we can fix with the automatic techniques currently in place. The agent has 2 birth places associated: “Bloemfontein” and “Boemflontein, Etala-Afrikka” (the latter comes from National Library of Finland data).
When the system tried to associate “Boemflontein, Etala-Afrikka” to other existing places, it didn’t find a correspondence because there are no other place labels corresponding to the Finnish place name, and there are no shared names between the English and the Finnish place, not even in the alternate names.
So the author got associated the Finnish place name.
The type of recognition that would avoid this pertains to machine learning techniques e.g. natural language processing.
Or - again - J.Cricket could solve this :wink: