Multiple entries of same Opus (in list of original works)

For some authors, the same Opus entity is listed twice or more in the list of original works. See for example (original works by Anna Fiske) and (original works by Malin Falch). In the latter, the opus Reisen til Jotundalen (o6341647511868629) is listed three times, most other opuses occur twice.

For other authors, there is no trace of this problem, see for example (original works by Helga Flatland)

Hi @oddrun thanks for entering this.
It is clearly a bug, I created a ticket in our JIRA, I’ll let you know as soon as it gets fixed.


Hi @a.gazzarini I think this bug has been solved, right? E.g. here I don’t see any duplicates for the opus by Malin Falch Original works by Malin Falch · Share-VDE (BETA)
Do you confirm?